Save Food Service Jobs

Save Foodservice Jobs

In 2017, Restaurants Canada attended more than 50 meetings with the Wynne government to stress the disastrous impact these massive wage increases would have on Ontario’s foodservice industry. What remains clear is that this government refuses to listen to the small business community.

While restaurateurs will respect and abide by the massive amount of change and monumental new cost burden forced upon them, Restaurants Canada will continue to be a champion for our members.  We will continue to push for offsets that will directly help restaurants, including:

  • Increasing tax incentives for youth employment
  • Lowering the LCBO licensee markup
  • Widening the wage differential for students and liquor servers
  • Raising the PST exemption on meals from $4 to $8

Without providing any cost savings or offsets to employers, young people and new Canadians will have fewer job opportunities and our economy will suffer. The most comprehensive research indicates that this legislation will impact businesses in every community throughout Ontario. It places more than 17,000 jobs at risk, and 26% of our members have indicated that they will have to consider permanent closure.

Members should tell Premier Wynne that Ontario is not just the GTA. Restaurant closures in small and rural areas and communities will have a tremendous impact on the local economy and job opportunities.

We remain steadfast in our commitment to let the government know that if they do not slow the increase or offer help, the people and small businesses they represent will continue to suffer.

Together, we can show our resolve.

You can help by sharing your stories about how this legislation is affecting your business. Rest assured, we will not sure your specific details, only the aggregate details of location, impact and changes you have had to make in order to adjust. Please consider filling out the web form below.

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      Don’t forget, our strength is in our numbers.

Review important resources

  • Tell Your Story, a guide for meeting with your MPP
  • Q and A document, to help you prepare for meeting your MPP
  • Guide for minimum wage discussions with staff

This website will be updated regularly with additional content and resources. Check back often and, most importantly, take action now!

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Guide for meeting with your MPP

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